Elliot Foxley

ELLIOT FOXLEY is about a place we all know well – HOME – the thought of which can be comforting, sometimes overwhelming and often complicated. It is also about those who fill any home with love – FAMILY.

ELLIOT FOXLEY is a classic coming-of- age story, and while the original music and charming voice-over bring the story to life, it is the beautiful, handcrafted water-colour illustrations that will transport your children back to the stories of your childhood.

ELLIOT FOXLEY’s adventure is aimed at children 3-7 to help them understand how to process ‘big’ feelings and build their emotional intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ). Studies have shown greater EI improves mental health, performance at school/work, and enhances leadership skills* (Golman 1998, 2011).

Most importantly, ELLIOT FOXLEY is entertaining!

* Goleman, D. (1998). Working With Emotional Intelligence. New York, NY. Bantum Books. / Goleman, D. (2011) Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence. 1st edn. Northampton, MA: More Than Sound.