Elliot Foxley


Stavros Yiannoukas is a voice actor, ARIA nominated singer (Bluejuice) and former Triple J radio host with a serious penchant for backgammon and basketball.

He started writing ELLIOT FOXLEY in July 2009 when his nephew, Elliot Foxlee, was born. It took a while to finish but Stavros figures “it was more important to get it right, than to get it out”.

The gorgeous illustrations of ELLIOT FOXLEY were created by Sarah Gleeson of Meekins design and illustration. Sarah is a daffy and dedicated human being who busies herself with all kinds of creative projects, many of which centre around human rights and positive change.

More adventures are soon to follow for Stavros, Sarah, Elliot and the friends they’ve met along the way – like the eccentric ringleader of circus cats, Kitty, and the philosophically reflective Greek rat president, Theo Theoropolis!